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Useful Websites

Useful Websites for teachers and students

Teaching that Makes Sense

A great site for developing literacy understanding and competency.

Visual Dictionary Online A great site for adding some visual reading material to your independent reading box or to help your ESOL students expand their vocabulary.  
BBC Schools Great site for on-line games across the curriculum.  
Sparkle Box Sparkle Box for Years 1 - 4. A range of free downloadable resources to inhance your classroom displays.  
Sparkle Box Sparkle Box for Years 5 - 8. A range of free downloadable resources to inhance your classroom dispalys.  
Spelling City A great way for students to practice and learn their weekly spelling words.  
Handwriting Download this font to create your own handwriting sheets (upper primary).  
Maths Blackline Masters Downloadable blackline masters for mathematics (PDF).  
Graphic Organisers Downloadable graphic organisers to use across the curriculum (PDF).  
Online Stopwatch A great downloadable application that is great for any timed activities in the classroom.  
Web 2.0: Cool tools for school Some great website links.  
Poem Task Cards These are great for the junior classroom to make reading poetry a little bit more fun.  
Sentence Structure Games for teaching senetence structure.  
Maths Games Mr Nussbaum: Fantastic array of games to support your maths programme. Only the measurement games are unusable, as they use imperial measurements. The time games are the exception.  
Napier's Multiplication Method This is a fantastic way to teach students how to do long multiplication. This method is much easier and simpler than the standard algorithm method. Most of your students will be able to pick up this method within half an hour - some as quick as minutes. Your quick students are a great help for others that are taking a bit longer to master this method.  
  Student Sites  
Write Rhymes Type in any word and it will come up with a list of words that rhymes with your word.  
Vocabulary Vocabulary games that will keep you entertained.  
Professor Garfield A range of learning games.  
Snagger's Pond A fun way to learn your timetables.  


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