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Numeracy Knowledge

Numeracy resources for passionate teachers who are committed to helping students become active and passionate mathematical learners.


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Stage 5 Practise Champs
Numeracy Knowledge

Suitable for Years 3 to 8

Set of 78 A5 numeracy knowledge cards for students to use independently. In this pack there is 13 different practise objectives, 6 cards per objective. Each objective is paired with an online video, which they access using the QR code on each card. The video demonstrates the knowledge to be learnt, which enables the students to control their learning at their own pace. Each card has a worked example at the top and exercises for them to practise the new skill. This resource gives your students the skills needed to achieve successful at Stage 5.


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Numeracy Knowledge  
Stage 6 Practise Champs
Numeracy Knowledge

Coming Soon


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