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Recount Flipchart (TK-R14)  

Recount Flipchart

Recount Flipchart

Suitable for Years 2/3 - 6

Freestanding A5 recount flipchart for students to use at their workstations. This resources gives your students the tools to write great recounts. Each page helps your students to understand and use the correct structure and language features that all recounts require. This resource can be used during any stage of the writing process.

The flipchart is printed on 350gsm card, for ease of use for small hands.

Page 1 - Types of Recounts
Page 2 - Recount Structure
Page 3 - Recount Exemplar
Page 4 - Orientation words (When & Who)
Page 5 - Orientation words (Where, What & Why)
Page 6 - Language Feature - Connectives
Page 7 - Language Feature - Past tense verbs
Page 8 - Language Feature - Adverbs, adjectives and figurative language
Page 9 - Vocabulary Lists - Trip to the zoo/aquarium
Page 10 - Vocabulary Lists - Other school trips - Museum/gallery, beach, botanical gardens & farm
Page 11 - Vocabulary Lists - Other school trips - Marae, Stardome, Camp
Page 12 - Vocabulary Lists - School sports
Page 13 - Vocabulary Lists - Special Visitors to our school
Page 14 - Vocabulary Lists - Science experiments

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